Chris' MKMMA Journey Week 10

Life Is Good – Be Happy

Everything is alright

I am very music effected, if I am in a bad or depressed mood the right music can lift me up and chase the blues away, many people are like this, I know but somehow I it still surprises me that it works. So listening to my recording with the music playing in the background has had a very powerful effect on me, it isn’t something that I am now just believing in, but it is really a part of me. It has become me in a sense, I have become my recording. I am so excited by this I get almost speechless, (the key word there is almost) it is another life changer from the MKMMA-MKE that I have experienced. Almost everyday I wonder how I made it this far in life being so out of touch with myself, it is mystifying.

Don’t Just Do The MKMMA-MKE, Live It

Some Noticeable Changes I Am Seeing & Others Have Seen In Me

I experienced a huge change in me, on Wednesday mornings I have a group therapy session, to help me deal with a major depression disorder. This past Wednesday, during the group a guy charges into the room, shouting at a younger female group member, it was her ex boyfriend, who apparently was not entirely happy with the current status of their relationship. I was really concerned that he might hit her, the words coming out of his mouth and the venomous tone of them justified my opinion. I jumped up and positioned myself between the girl and the guy, the previous version of Christopher O’Hare would have tackled the person and I would have used violence to prevent his violence. However, ten weeks into the MKMMA-MKE, I am not that person anymore. The current version of myself, didn’t let the guy pass me, but instead of attacking him; I started speaking softly but firmly, telling him this was a bad idea and he didn’t want to get himself into serious trouble. I kept it up speaking very calmly in his ear and guiding him back out the door. He offered no resistance, and calmly left the room where security took over. I was very proud of myself, not so much for protecting the girl, (that I would just do) but that I didn’t use violence, which was my initial instinct. My Subby’s habitual choice. I rose above habit and changed, my actions, which changed the outcome. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever, that this happened because of the MKMMA-MKE. I am changed, forever, I have grown as a person which is not only good for me but anyone I come in contact with.

Don’t Just Do The MKMMA-MKE, Live It

Isn’t Life Strange And Wonderful

Life can be strange and wonderful, suffering with Major Depression is not good, going to a group therapy session can be annoying, but without the above two facts I would not have been in a position to help that girl nor to witness the changes in me. I also learned that I can use my head instead of my fists, (this is a great epiphany for a guy from the South Bronx who grew up having to fight). While the MKMMA-MKE isn’t brain surgery it does take effort, the kind of effort in my younger days would have only been exercised on a ball field or court. I am a very competitive person, I am learning that I really do not need to be so competitive to prove my value as a person.

Don’t Just Do The MKMMA-MKE, Live It

Life Is Good Be Happy


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I am just a regular guy, I have decided to stop being ordinary and start living an exceptional life. You are invited to follow along on this trek to live a life outstanding instead of in quite desperation.

12 thoughts on “Chris' MKMMA Journey Week 10

  1. Chris, thank you for helping that girl. Thank you for helping that guy. And mostly give yourself a MASSIVE pat on the pack for helping YOU, by changing how you contributed to that moment. No doubt that every single person in that room felt the ripple effect of your personal growth. You have just changed the world for so many people. Im proud of you, quite teary actually. Well done, #fistpump !!!


  2. Yes, music works for me too Chris. I’m not a great reader, so it’s great that the MKE involves all the 7 ways of learning.
    I listen to my recording with my voice over while I’m on the treadmill and stare at my shapes in the distance.
    Thanks for you share Chris.

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